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Amber Rose Really Doesn’t Regret Her Bill Cosby Death Wish: “I Said What The Heck I Said”

When Bill Cosby was sentenced to prison, Amber Rose posted a photo of his mug shot to Instagram detailing how she wants him to serve his full 10 years and then die. After her initial Instagram post, she edited her caption but was still shaded for her opinion by Jess Hilarious (and many more) who followed up by calling her a “fucking idiot.”

“I understand you standing up for women like you always want to do but this so-called moment that you trying to have, bitch you fucked it all when you wished death on that man after he do ten years. You sound stupid,” Jess said.

Now that things have settled down, Amber has come through to explain why she edited her caption while still sticking by her opinion on the matter. “I’m wrong [for] wishing death on him? FOH Stand up for a racist if ya’ll want to,” she wrote. “I said what the fuck I said. PS the only reason shit was deleted on the last Bill Cosby post is cuz you can’t put our “pres” name and “die” in the same caption or FB will fuck ur algorithm up and I’ll be damned if I let two sexual predators fuck with my money.”

Her original post seemingly included Donald Trump’s name along with “die.”

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