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Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos with $125.3 Billion is Richer than Morocco with an Estimated GDP of $119 Billion – Study Shows

With a fortune estimated at 125.3 billion dollars, the boss of the Amazon company Jeff Bezos is richer than Morocco, whose GDP (Gross Domestic Product) amounts “only” to 119 billion dollars. This is an observation of the American financial information site Learn Bonds.


According to the site, the ten richest men have an overall fortune of $ 858.1 billion and exceed the GDP of the 85 poorest countries in the world. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), these 85 countries have a GDP of $ 813.5 billion. The fortune of these billionaires also exceeds the GDP of wealthy countries like Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and even Norway.

Jeff Bezos is at the top of the top 5 richest men on the planet followed by Bill Gates (112.6 billion dollars), Frenchman Bernard Arnault, president and CEO of LVMH (108 billion dollars). Warren Buffet and Amancio Ortega close the podium with $ 90.4 billion and $ 78.1 billion respectively.


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