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Amazing!! ‘This Singular Cooking Oil Reversed My Husband’s Advanced Memory Loss In Just 21 Days’…

Coconut oil has MTC’s or medium-chain fatty acids. Unlike other fats, this is turned into “food for the brain” or ketones by the liver.

How to use coconut oil as an Alzheimer’s cure

Two daily tablespoons of organic coconut oil is all it took for Dr. Mary Newport’s husband to radically improve with Alzheimer’s Symptoms. In two weeks he is much better on his Alzheimer test.

What did she discover quite by accident?

Dr. Newport, found that when she gave her husband two tablespoons of coconut oil for breakfast, he had a dramatic improvement in memory in two weeks.

Within two weeks he passed the Alzheimer’s test that he had hopelessly failed before!

He has continued to improve since then

Here’s more about coconut oil benefits for Alzheimer’s symptoms and advanced Alzheimers stages:


Dr. Newport’s explanation is simple … after she did a LOT of research:

Why is that so important? Normally, our brain uses glucose for energy.

But since the Alzheimer’s’ brain is either insulin resistant or insulin deficient, it cannot use glucose as fuel very well, so it lacks energy.

The ketones made from the coconut oil provides an alternative for the Alzheimer’s’ person’s brain!

When people with Alzheimers disease begin to eat high quality coconut oil, they can expect quite radical changes, such as:

  • Improved memory
  • Return of personality
  • Starting their previous activities again
  • Wanting social interaction again



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