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Amazing: This Ethiopian Tribe Recycles Waste Of The Modern World And Turn Them Into Fashion Accessories

In southern Ethiopia, deep in the Omo valley, lies an extraordinary people known as the “Daasanach”. Eric Lafforgue is a French photographer who spent several years documenting and immortalizing the daily life of this tribe consists of more than 50 000 people. During this nice meeting, he noticed an interesting trend had developed within this community: “Daasanach” reappropriate the waste of the modern world for dressing up their surprising headdress. SooCurious invites you not wait to discover this fascinating tribe.

Bottle caps, hair clips or old watches, “Daasanach” recycle our old objects and turn them into sublime caps. The objects are not randomly distributed among the community, Eric explains that each individual benefits according to certain rituals. So girls and children get the most basic version of the cap, while older women are the heaviest caps with the most possible decorations. Men are not allowed to wear caps the best, it is only after marrying they can create a small colorful cap accessorized with a feather. But they have the right to wear only after a chase or after facing an enemy successfully.

In writing, we find that the caps and customs of the people are absolutely wonderful. If you enjoyed these beautiful pictures, you can follow the exceptional work of Eric on his website .The “Daasanach” demonstrate responsibility and modernity by recycling our old objects. Our beautiful planet is suffering because of our irresponsible actions and thus Human hollow gradually his own grave: more than 3 million people die each year because of pollution. Do you think we should find more solutions to preserve our planet and our health? What are your daily actions to protect the Earth?

Source: SooCurious

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