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Amazing Technology!! Adorable Twin Babies Caught Fighting In Their Mother’s Womb (VIDEO)

An interesting video that shows a set of twins battling it out in their mother’s womb has captured quite a bit of attention online.

In the video, which was captured using an MRI ultrasound, we can see one baby making kicking motions against the other as the other one simply took the kicks.

twin babies kicking1

Video shows a cramp baby kicking its sibling

The video has been a source of interesting comments among the viewers. A lot of them believe that while this surely looks adorable, it could just be one twin being more active than the other.


twin babies kicking2

People believe the kicking baby might simply be fighting for space

Others found a reason to laugh at the situation, describing it as the kicking twin demanding the other one give it more space to move. This makes sense as the kicking twin looks a little cramp as opposed to the other one who was stretched out.

Whatever the case, it sure is amazing to get a peek at what is going in a pregnant woman’s belly.

What is your take on the video?


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