Amazing: Meet the Disabled Man in Wheelchair Building House Despite His Condition (Photo)

A photo showing a man in a wheelchair building what appears to be a house sparked a debate on social media.

Twitter account Man’s Not Barry Roux shared the image on the social media platform on Thursday and simply captioned it: “Leadership 101.”

The image shows the man in his wheelchair on top of a makeshift scaffold and he appears to be building the walls of a house.

Take a look at the post below:


Some agreed with Man’s Not Barry Roux, applauding the man for not letting his disability keep him from performing tasks some would have thought impossible in his situation.

Twitter user, @JohnTheGospel3, wrote:

“If I can just get 5% of his ‘can do attitude’, I’ll be a billionaire.”


Others wanted to know how the man got up on the scaffold and some felt he was risking his life. One social media user even blamed the ANC, adding if they had built the man a house he would not be risking an injury doing it himself.

Social media user, @PrincoStoffer, wrote:

“Our crippled are isolated in this society and @MYANC is doing the best to keep it that way, why not build RDP for them if they can’t shelter themselves.”



In other news, a taxi driver has been sighted in a trending video carrying a policeman on top of his car with full speed towards a location not known to anyone.

In the video sighted the policeman was spotted lying motionless and looking very frightened while he lay on top of the speeding vehicle.

It is not clear where exactly the incident was recorded but it is suspected to be in Ghana as the video has so far been seen circulating in the Ghanaian media.


Written by How Africa

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