AMAZING!! Meet The African-American Twin Sisters And Models With The Most Incredible Natural Hair!!

These two twin sisters have long been complexed by their hair: they are now mannequins, know the glory and all, this is thanks to them.

Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder are two twin sisters (possibly born under the sign of Gemini, who knows) from New York. And although they are now turning heads, they have long been complexed by their hair, since become their livelihood since they are both now models at IMG Models (the fact that they are pretty help, of course, There is not only their hair either). Some time ago, I hated my hair and I started to see them as a real obstacle, ” says Cipriana at Bored Panda . They have long smoothed them and then one day decided to accept and embrace the nature of their hair.


They have become stars on social networks

At one point, Afro-American people who kept their hair natural or made an afro cut were badly seen, they were stigmatized ,” said TK Wonder. ” We wanted to break the negative stereotypes and perceptions people Natural hair “. With the help of their friend Nikisha Brunson, they created the lifestyle / beauty blog Urban Bush Babes , which has more than 63,000 subscribers on Facebook .

On Instagram, both are real stars, with about 110,000 followers each. Like what, it’s good to be accepted as we are …


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