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AMAZING!! Meet Salisa Yasuwat, The 12-Year-Old Girl Who Can Assemble A Rifle Faster Than The Police!! (+Photos)

Meet the angel-faced 12-year-old girl with a deadly talent – she can assemble a rifle faster than police. Salisa Yasuwat learned how to handle dozens of weapons – including M16 assault rifles and Smith and Wessons – when she was just nine years old.

The pint-sized pig-tailed youngster can dismantle, clean and reassemble the arms with incredible precision that normally takes decades to master.
Incredible footage shows the youngster even teaching cops how to take apart and reassemble their own weapons.


Chiang Mai police constable Damrong Saenduangdee, who has his guns serviced regularly by Salisa, said: ‘I’ve never seen a young girl like this. I cannot do what she does. She is much, much faster than me and has a greater knowledge of firearms. She is very, very good.’

Salisa said that her father taught her about guns and that she can work on ‘revolvers, shotguns, war weapons, M16s and rifles.’

Photo credit: Viral Press, Khaosod, Muek Kitsana..

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