Amazing! After Atheist Demanded God be Removed From Kenya’s National Anthem, See What Happened to Him

The Atheist community in Kenya demanding for the removal God from Kenya’s National Anthem have faced a major setback in their petition which was sharply criticised by many in the country.

The group led by its President, Harrison Mumia, started an online petition seeking 6000 signatures before they could present it to the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Senate.

However, the God-less sect was greatly embarrassed as it only got 97 signatures and forced to discontinue the campaign.

In a statement, Mr Mumia noted that since Kenya was not ready for the change it was clear the petition would not pass.

“From the feedback we have received so far, it has become clear that the petition would not be approved by Parliament, and majority of Kenyans are against this initiative,” Mumia said.


He reiterated that the Atheists in Kenya (AIK) wesr simply seeking diversity and inclusinon of every Kenyan adding that the National Anthem ought not to discriminate against individuals who do not believe in the existence of God.

“This diversity, we believe, is what the President talked about on ‘Mashujaa Day’ when he said that we should foster unity,” he mentioned.

Last week, the group started the petition highlighting that having the word ‘God’ in the national song, yet they do not believe in His existence, was in contravention to the Kenyan Constitution.

“Our National Anthem begins with the words ‘Oh God of all Creation’. Not all Kenyans believe in the existence of a God.”

“We feel the National Anthem is not representative of us and goes against the spirit of the Kenyan Constitution. Kenyans must endeavour to keep a separate wall between religion and state in line with Article 8 of the constitution,” the presser read in part.


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