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Here Is Why You Should Always Wash Your New Clothes Before Wearing Them

I think that I am too pretty savvy about what and how to launder garments, however, I have to be honest…I did not know, nor do I, wash new clothes before wearing them.  I always wash new sheets as they seem to have a paint-like odor when they are removed from their packaging.

This Is Why You Should Always Wash Your New Clothes Before Wearing Them

Because I have never smelled anything off-putting on new clothes, it has never occurred to my mind to wash them before wearing them. The video below informed me that I may be wearing a lot more than just clothes.


Many hands have touched it during production, until you buy your new clothes and they land on your body.

According to Donald Belsito, a dermatology professor from Columbia University, both some infectious diseases and lice may remain alive long enough so to be passed on through clothing. Donald Belsito advises that you should probably wash the clothing for two times before wearing.

But, the most common thing found in most clothing that should mandate washing before wearing, are formaldehyde resins and dyes utilized in clothing production.  In the video you are going to watch, you will hear the skin dangers.

I had to crack up at the end of the footage, where CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s admission of washing his jeans, not very frequently, gets a surprise from Stacy London.  She had had a pair of his jeans tested, and the results will confirm the need to keep washing your clothes regularly.

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