Alpha Condé, President Of Guinea: “Migration and terrorism are based on poverty”

On an official visit to Moscow, President of the Republic of Guinea Alpha Condé gave an interview to RT France. Its objectives are to combat terrorism and emigration and to increase the attractiveness of Africa.

As Guinean President Alpha Condé was preparing to meet Vladimir Putin and attend a Russia-Guinea economic forum in Moscow, he told RT France on September 27 about his latest reflections on security and terrorism. Their destiny will be linked to the economic development of Africa.

“Today the African Union is determined to take the fight against terrorism in hand”

The head of state of Guinea, also president of the African Union, returns for RT France on the creation of the Sahel G5, whose aim is to launch military cooperation between countries of the region to fight terrorism. “We need the cooperation of all the major countries of the European Union, the United States, China, Russia …”, he explains. “For example, the G5 [Sahel] needs 400 million euros, for now they have found only 58,” he said.

At stake: to restore the responsibility of Africa in a problem that concerns it at the forefront. “Today the African Union is determined to take the fight against terrorism in hand, because the peacekeepers have proved to be a failure,” says Alpha Condé.

“Migration and terrorism are based on poverty”

“Migration and terrorism are based on poverty,” Alpha Condé said. According to him, “we can never defeat terrorism definitively until we have put an end to poverty.”


According to him, the “battle to end immigration” is nothing but the one for the economic development of Africa. Therefore, the Head of State calls on Europe to collaborate in this growth that is salutary to all.

The President of Guinea, aware of the vast mineral and agricultural resources available to his country, admits that he must improve the control of his infrastructure in order to create an African common market and solve the problem of electricity, to which only 18 % of the population has access.

The development of Africa in question

In a move to strengthen economic development, Alpha Condé spoke about his meeting with the US President at the UN General Assembly in mid-September. “The meeting with [Donald] Trump has had an advantage, that relations with the United States will be based on economic and trade issues,” said the African leader.

The Middle Empire is also part of its plan: “We have a 20-year strategic deal with China with at least $ 20 billion in funding.”

What about France? Alpha Condé focuses on the “new policy vis-à-vis Africa” ​​promised by Emmanuel Macron. “We are hopeful that he will be able to change the French-speaking world for a more balanced but reinforced relationship,” he told RT France.

The President of Guinea also recalled his closeness to Russia, with whom he wished to strengthen ties through a strategic partnership. He said: “We have made a forum with Russian businessmen because we want to see many more Russian companies in Guinea”, vowing that they can invest in the country.

As soon as Alpha Condé arrived in Moscow, Vladimir Putin signed a decree granting him the Order of Friendship, an honor of the Russian state. A way to celebrate the cooperation between the two countries that dates back to the early hours of Guinea’s independence in 1958.


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