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All You Need to Know About “Pap’s”, the Geolocation Delivery Application in Senegal

In Senegal, several startups are competing hard to try to find answers to the difficulties encountered daily by the population. This is the example of this innovation that Bambo Lo presents. He set up “Pap’s”, a geolocation delivery application launched in Senegal.

This successful mobile application to combine technology and vital needs satisfaction. Pap’s who offers customers, the nearest delivery person to facilitate the task. “We have developed a technology that allows us to receive orders in the same places so that they can be optimized according to the routes of our couriers, some of which manage areas and others work with e-merchants”, suggested , Bambo Lo, the founder of the start-up.


The company, in its dynamism, managed more than 16 orders a day, which equates to more than 500 orders per month in Senegal. These geolocated deliveries are made by a team of 30 active couriers.

“When the customer calls us, we take delivery to the customer or to Paps, a package or a letter and we bring it back to the recipient. And given the traffic jams it is not easy and the traffic, but we manage to give a suitable time to the customer “, said a delivery courier to the local media.

The services of the startup are qualities and customers do not hide their emotions. For those who still doubt, they reassure the credibility and speed of the startup. With this success on the national level, the promoter is now bigger. The start-up explores an expansion of its fields of activity on the other countries of French-speaking Africa. The first step would necessarily be Côte d’Ivoire.

In 2016, the start-up won the Orange Innovation Challenge award. A real boost for an initiative that had just been born.


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