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All You Need To Know About Mister Ambassad’Or International 2017!! – The Black Man In All Its Splendor….

They are beautiful, strong, they are nine in number and represent the black man. These are the candidates for the election of Mister Ambassad’Or International. The final will take place on 27 May in Paris. Who will succeed Morgan Dorvilma, Mister Ambassad’Or 2015.

They are named Christophe, Alexander, Lukas, Stomi, Augustin, Luigi, Aymeric, Jordan and Bryan. For this second edition in Paris Mister Ambassad’Or International has a busy program for candidates. They are in full preparation for the election with a team of professionals.Choreography with Axel Jacobin, image consultant with Yorhann Emmanuel Alexander and fitness with Jimmy Gassion.


The first Parian election took place in 2015 before six elections were held in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana. Evidence that the committee is not lacking experience. One of the objectives of this election is to break the stereotypes of the black man (West Indian or Africans) considered macho, narcissistic, superficial and sex-symbol. A man who can be a farmer, a computer scientist, a politician, a baker, a butcher or a bricklayer, and remind myself that I am inherently a gifted and manly man but not a macho, full of character with his friends but open to others. The world does not revolve around it, but that it must be inserted in all its aspects: by looking after its appearance, its sensitivity, its image, its verb and its ideals.

A black man with new values: family, leisure, work and controlled masculinity. A man who engages in just and noble causes. To serve the protection of the environment as stated in the slogan of this edition: “Mister Ambassad’Or is committed to the path of environmental exemplarity”.

The other aspect of this event is to allow the winners to be the ambassadors or sponsors of an environmental association of our overseas countries, and thus at the national level, to be the active messenger of the ecological cause for one year, for Local initiatives.


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