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All About “Madiba”: The Musical Show In Tribute To Nelson Mandela In France

To mark the 25th anniversary of the abolition of apartheid and celebrate the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth, a musical show tour is being organized across France from April 5th to May 31st. This musical show called “Madiba” will be played in several cities. We can remember Biarritz, Lille, Amiens, Nantes, Bordeaux or Strasbourg. Note that a performance will be made at the Olympia

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The musical show speaks of an impossible love story between two beings who end up fighting for their ideals in the spirit of Mandela. This is indeed the story of Willy, a young African and Lena, a young Afrikaner, whose love is impossible. The show is marked by African dances, traditional Zulu choirs with “eternal love songs and rhythmic and unifying songs”.

Mandela as a source of inspiration

The author of this musical is called Jean-Pierre Hadida. The latter is a songwriter. He explains that he wanted to write something that makes sense and that can deliver a universal message. “With my producer, with a few friends, it seemed obvious to us that Nelson Mandela’s figure was a great source of inspiration for telling a story in music. Nelson Mandela said that music and dance is what allows the world to stay in peace, “adds Jean-Pierre Hadida. The author considers the icon of the anti-apartheid struggle as a giant. He specifies that all the characters of “Madiba” are inspired by Mandela.

Let’s remember that this show, which lasts more than an hour, is adapted in other languages ​​and plays in countries around the world. “It’s a global project, pan-African too. We have many requests from African countries, from Brazil too; we are already on adaptations in English, because it is really a subject that interests a lot of people, “says Jean-Pierre Hadida. Before declaring: “There is a whole team working on it for many months; I am the songwriter, there is Pierre-Yves Duchesne who worked on the staging, there is Francine Disegni, my associate, producer, activist, who defends body and soul these universal values, and all a team of young and old “.

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