Alien? Bizarre Footage Shows Strange Creature Creeping Through Desert

A quite bizarre footage which has surfaced online shows a strange creature creeping through the Portuguese desert, conspiracy theorists claim.

Viewers are divided as to what the creature could be, with some claiming it’s an alien, while others claim it’s a relative of Big Foot.

bizzare creature in portugal1

In the strange clip, the unknown being appears to move through the derelict wasteland. The figure, which resembles a tall Gollum from Lord of The Rings, almost completely blends in with its surroundings.


Viewers have debated about what this figure could be, but not everyone is convinced its anything extraordinary. After the camera sweeps around to give viewers a full look at the landscapes, it attempts to re-focus on the creature.

bizzare creature in portugal2

Weirdly, when it zooms back in, the beast is nowhere to be seen. Since the strange clip was posted to YouTube channel Alien Sightings, it’s been viewed a staggering 204,000 times.


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