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Ali Bongo: “I’m Better and I’m Getting Ready to Meet You Soon”

Gabonese President Ali Bongo has chosen the opportunity to address his fellow citizens for the first time since his stroke last October 24.

The New Year message recorded in Morocco was broadcast Monday by social media and traditional.

“It’s true that I went through a difficult time, as sometimes happens in life. This ordeal I overcame thanks to God, to the people who surrounded me, my family in particular, but also thanks to your testimonials of support. “

The 59-year-old leader has not been in Gabon since he became ill in Saudi Arabia more than two months ago. The absence of official news triggered rumors that he had died.

Only one photo of Ali Bongo and two videos were published in the two months following his stroke, fueling rumors about his condition.

Speaking directly to the camera in the new video, Bongo’s message seems effortless, even though his head and hands show slight movement. Sitting at a table, the lower body is not visible.


“Today, as you can see, I’m better and I’m getting ready to meet you soon,” Ali Bongo says in the video.

Presidential spokesman Ike Ngouoni told AFP that the Gabonese president’s speech is proof that he is fully recovered.

Photo credit: gabon.niooz


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