Algeria’s President Heads Top Security Meeting to Discuss Libya Crisis

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune on Thursday headed a meeting of the High Security Council, APS news agency reported.

The meeting tackled developments in Libya and the situation in the Sahel region, the report said, quoting a statement by the presidency.

This top security meeting “discussed the situation in the region, including in neighboring Libya and Mali,” according to the statement.

It added that “measures have been taken to toughen security along the border, and to give a new impetus to Algeria’s role at the international level, including in Africa and the Sahel region.”


The statement did not provide further details concerning the nature of these measures, but said President Tebboune decided to convene a meeting of the High Security Council periodically.

This is the first major security meeting that Tebboune has headed since the recent death of army chief Ahmed Gaid Salah.

When he was sworn as new president of Algeria, Tebboune stressed that “Algeria rejects all attempts aimed at excluding it from proposing solutions as part of international efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis.”

“We are concerned above all sides with the stability and integrity of Libya,” he added.


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