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Algeria: The Veil Integral Now Officially Prohibited in Schools

In Algeria, the government has just taken measures for the first time against the integral veil in schools, but this will not be without strong tensions against Islamo-conservatives who denounce an attack on the freedom of veiled girls.

This official decree was taken on Friday by the Ministry of Education, which justifies its decision by the fight against cheating in school exams. Moreover, the supervisors and teachers of these establishments are also forbidden to wear during the classes this outfit that covers the face.


But this argument is kicked into touch by a certain Algerian opinion close to the Islamo-conservatives, allies of weight of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. And this is all the more so because several precedents have opposed this current to the Minister of Education Nouria Benghabrit.

The most recent reference was to the deletion of the text “Bismalahi” (the quotation “in the name of the merciful and merciful God”), which precedes every sura of the Koran) of textbooks. On the pressure of Islamists and conservatives, the president of the Islamic High Council, Bouabdellah Ghlamallah, has urged the minister to reinstate this formula “in the next editions of the school textbook, to mention that the Algerian state is Muslim”.

Nouria Benghabrit, a Francophone anthropologist who graduated from Paris V University and a member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, has promised to reform the Algerian educational system in depth.

However, many of his reforms, especially those on religion, are encountering violent campaigns initiated by his conservative and Islamist detractors who point to his approximate knowledge of the Muslim religion.


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