Algeria: The Latest Ranking of the Top 10 Universities Revealed

In every field or sector of life, competition remains one of the motivations that pushes the human being to move forward. The spirit of success makes everyone have ambitions to the limit of the possible. Whether individual or collective, everyone wants to succeed and no one wants to stay behind. But the reality of the ground is that sometimes, we flex and leave room for others.

In the academic world, it is also a competition between those which exist in the world and where each direction would like that his is in front. Thus, according to the ranking that would have done “Scimago institutions rankink”, the university of Bejaia, named “Abderrahmane Mira is ranked first in his country (Algeria), for the year 2018.


According to the website (, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China) is the world’s leading, followed by the National Center for Scientific Research (France) and Harvard University (USA). On the Algerian plane, the University of Bejaia comes in 1 st position in the country, followed by that of djillali liabes Sidi Bel Abbes, Ferhat Abbas Setif, Jijel, Science and Technology Houari.B, National Polytechnic School , of Constantine 1, of Abdelhamid Ben-Baddis of Mostaganem, Abou-Bakr Belkaid of Tlemcen, Hassiba Ben-Bouali of Chlef and Saad Dahleb of Blida.

These are the top ten at the Algerian level, and their ranking respectively at the world level, that of Bejaia is at 691, the others are respectively 692 for SBA, 698 for Ain El Fouara and Jijel, 699 for that of HB, 711th for ENP, 712th for that of the ancient “Cirta”, 715th for that of Mostaganem, 720th for that of Tlemcen, 721st for that of ancient El Asnam “, and finally 722nd for that of the city of roses.

However, it remains to verify on the ground, especially since the site in question did not give the necessary details. It is not known on what criteria, the site in question had classified these universities, but it is clear that that of the Soummam valley has made a considerable advance.


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