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Algeria Possesses The Most Racist Nation Of The Planet – Study Shows!!

Washington DC | Algeria is indeed the most racist country in the world and is the first country to be the subject of an international survey conducted by several organizations, including Open Borders for Refugees and Stop Dis Crime In Nations. Of more than 1248 people interviewed, more than 75% of people have admitted to having racist or even very extreme ideas.

The study by the Franco-Algerian Bilal Jihad, provoked such a big outcry that the study was not published in the country concerned. Algeria is very different from other countries in the world, because dual citizenship is prohibited, citizens are not born there (unless the mother is an Algerian citizen) and she is also very famous for Record sales of the famous German pamphlet Meint Kampf, in the Maghreb countries. The population of Algeria is composed of 99% Arabs and 1% Europeans (according to official sources), because black skinned individuals are not counted.

Algeria does not welcome any migrants (because of the “risk of African infiltration” of the crisis in Iraq and Syria) , namely that 91% of Arab Algerians * are calling for the immediate expulsion of blacks from the country Which do not even represent 100,000 people). 83% of those surveyed would like to ban Christianity and 61% would like to banish Judaism.

More than half are against receiving refugees, not because of the jihadist threat but because of the ethnic origin of the migrants. 95% of Algerians would like to prohibit visas for Chinese immigrants. Despite the fact that China is contributing in an incredible way to Algeria’s oil boom, Algerians do not realize that the fortunes of their country now depend heavily on their exports and aid from Algeria. ‘East.


Algeria is the country with the most racist road crimes, more than 21,000 road deaths in 2015 and more than 60,000 wounded. Generally, the people struck are Blacks, Europeans or Asians. Homosexuals are also tracked down and 80% of those interviewed were against homosexual marriage and against homosexuality in general which is against the religious principles of Islam.

The population that is 99% Arab is actually composed of 15% of Berbers who identify themselves as belonging to the Arab culture. The leaders of the study did not take the cultural factors into account, but mainly accentuated their research on the ethnic factor.

The Berbers themselves would not like to banish Christianity or Judaism, are not against immigration and 51% of people have spoken out for a ban on homosexuality in all aspects of everyday life. The Kabyles, who also identify themselves as Arabs, have not shown the same predispositions.

In a country where freedom of expression is virtually non-existent with respect to homosexuality and immigration, it is all the more surprising to note that it was mostly women who voted most violently, Not all enjoy the same freedoms as men.

Several associations denounced the study of the fact that the individual who led the latter had “a name with a terrorist character and very Islamist” which would have distorted the situation .

The study in question was so virulent that the Western governments banned its publication and that all the countries of the Maghreb, with the exception of Morocco, have not leafed through the 130 pages of studies.


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