Algeria Is The New Safest Country In Africa, Dethrones Botswana!!

Algeria has been ranked the safest country in Africa after 90 percent of its population said that they have confidence in their local police and feel safe walking alone at night according to a ranking released by Gallup.

Rwanda follows second with 84 percent of population, Morocco at 80%, Egypt at 82%, Ethiopia at 80% and Mauritius at 78%


Africans least likely in to feel safe walking alone at night are in Gabon with only 33 percent of the population saying they feel safe walking at night, Liberia at 35%, South Africa at 37%, Botswana at 38%, Congo Kinshasa at 39% and Mauritania at 39%.

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The insecurity has been attributed to soaring crime rates in these countries, reflecting a common problem among societies that have experienced uneven economic growth from industrialization or technological change and high levels of income inequality.Majority of people in the world express confidence in the security force and safe walking at night alone with more than six in 10 people worldwide say they have confidence in their local police (68%) and feel safe walking alone at night where they live (64%).

The research was based on telephone and face-to-face interviews with approximately 1,000 adults, aged 15 and older, conducted throughout 2016 in 135 countries.


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