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Aldi, The Little Indonesian Who Smoked Started Smoking Cigarettes At Age 2, Finally Got Rid Of His Addiction!

His images had struck the world, and caused controversy in Indonesia. In 2010, the media discovered Aldi Rizal, a young Indonesian of two years old, filmed smoking cigarettes: up to 40 a day, was even advancing The Sun , the English tabloid that had highlighted  its history. Seven years later, journalists found the boy. And the latter would have stopped the cigarette for a long time,  explains the  Daily Mail ,  which publishes photos of the child, transformed.

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Aldi, the little Indonesian who smoked cigarettes at two, got rid of his addiction

In 2013, the young Aldi had already stopped the cigarette, after a cure of detoxification, explained  the magazine of France 2 “Complement of investigation” , which had found it. But  according to  The Sun , he began to eat a lot of food and had gained weight. At five he weighed 24 kilos.

But according to the  Daily Mail , Aldi Rizal has since adopted a strict diet made of fruits and vegetables. He lost weight, as the photos show, and  “excels at school”. 

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