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Al-Qaeda Releases Photo To Celebrate 16TH Anniversary Of 9/11- Announces Hamza, ‘The Crowned Jihadist’

A photograph montage distributed by Al-Qaeda to mark the sixteenth commemoration of 9/11 demonstrates the substance of Osama Laden in the flares of the Twin Towers.

Next to him is his child Hamza, the “crown sovereign of jihad”.

The young fellow, now 28, has showed up since adolescence in the publicity established by his dad.



“As an individual from the Laden line, Hamza is probably going to be seen positively by the jihadi majority.

“With the Islamic State “caliphate” evidently very nearly crumple, Hamza is presently the figure best set to reunify the worldwide jihadi development.”

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The 15th of Bin Laden’s 20 children, a son of his third wife, Hamza has been groomed to follow in his father’s footsteps since childhood.

At his side in Afghanistan before 9/11, he learned how to handle weapons, and ranted in his thin voice against Americans, Jews and “Crusaders” in videos uploaded online.

On the eve of the attack on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, Hamza was separated from his father, whom he was never to see again.

He was evacuated with the clan’s wives and other children to Jalalabad in Afghanistan, then on to Iran, where they were placed under house arrest for years. His whereabouts now are unknown.

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A sophisticated system of messengers allowed bin Laden and his favourite son to remain in contact by writing letters, some of which were found during the raid that killed the terrorist in Abbottabad, in Pakistan.

In them Hamza assures his father that he is “forged in steel” and ready “for victory or martyrdom”.

“What makes me really sad is that the legions of mujahedeen started, and I did not join them,” he wrote in July 2009.

In an audio message in August 2015, Hamza pays homage his father the “martyr” and his elder brother Khalid, who died while trying to defend him at Abbottabad and asks jihadists around the world to “strike from Kabul to Baghdad, from Gaza to Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv”.

One year later, in a diatribe entitled “We are all Osama,” he called for vengeance, warning: “If you think you will not be held accountable for the crime in Abbottabad, you are mistaken.”

Eighteen months later, after similar appeals, the US State Department reinforced his credibility within jihadist circles by putting his name on the blacklist of “international terrorists”.

Soufan said: “Hamza’s messages frequently repeat, almost word-for-word, sentences uttered by the elder bin Laden during Al-Qaeda’s heyday in the late 1990 and early 2000s.

“Hamza even makes an effort to sound like his father intoning his words with the same quiet intensity.

“As the Islamic State continues to crumble, many of its adherents will be looking for new banners under which to fight. Many factors suggest that Hamza could be a highly effective leader.

“It remains to be seen how, exactly, the organisation will make use of him, but it is clear that his star is on the rise. That should worry policymakers in the West as well as in the Muslim worl


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