Akon to speak on renewable energy at COP21

Akon will speak at the RE-Energizing the Future conference in Paris on leveraging renewable resources for development, sharing visions for a future powered by renewable energy. Akon’s organisation, Solektra International and its partners will discuss the fight against climate change and investment in clean technologies.

Senegalese born hip-hop musician and entrepreneur Akon will speak at the ongoing United Nations climate change conference (COP21) in Paris about leveraging renewable resources for development and share visions for a future powered by renewable energy. Akon will address the RE-Energizing the Future conference on the 6th of December. The conference will focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency and access.

Akon started the Akon Lighting Africa project in 2014 with Samba Bathily and Thione Niang to provide solar power to rural communities in parts of Africa.

The project now provides electricity to 15 African countries and aims to provide solar energy to rural communities through the off grid system.

Akon will speak on renewable energy at the climate change conference Photo: Renewables Hub Africa


The project has a 10-year plan to electrify as much of Africa as possible and the respective governments are participating and Akon says the target to bring electricity to 600 million people across Africa through the Lighting Africa project can be met.

The parent organisation, Solektra International has set up a Solar Academy in Bamako, Mali, to train African engineers and entrepreneurs and build capacity. The academy will train students on how to install and maintain solar-powered electricity systems and micro grids.

According to reports, the organisation has secured a $1 billion credit line from Chinese construction firm China Jiangsu International Group to help fund the development of its solar energy project.

At the RE-Energizing the Future conference in Paris, Solektra International and its partners, will convey the message: “the fight against climate change is an opportunity to rethink our economies around green and clean technologies”.

The discussions will focus on three main issues: “emissions reductions; adaptation, loss and damage mechanisms to climate change; and climate financing (including technology development and capacity building)”.

Source: Akon Lighting Africa project and COP21/re-energising


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