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Akon To Provide Electricity To 80 Million Africans At The End Of 2017.

In the West, Akon is a celebrity mostly known for his musical hits like “Locked Up”, “Lonely”, “Belly Dancer”, and “Ghetto” to name a few.

But his remarkable achievement and legacy, which was not mentioned in mainstream Western media, is that through his entrepreneurial efforts stemming from the success he has enjoyed during his musical career, he has changed the fate and the quality of life of millions of people. Africans through its project Akon Lights Africa.

Akon has avoided the political challenges and obstacles of the oil industry by partnering with a Chinese solar power company and founding a renewable solar energy company that currently provides electricity to about 16 million people. Africans in 15 countries.


At the end of 2017, it is estimated that Akon Lights Africa will supply electricity to 80 million Africans. There are currently 600 million Africans in remote areas that do not have access to electricity.

Akon’s company is the fastest growing solar energy provider in the world. His efforts and contribution to the African people are undeniably amazing, amazing and changing.

His project profoundly influences the future of Africa and, through this example, clearly sets the stage for future changes in our energy infrastructure.


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