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Akon Reveals Why He Decided To Invest His Money In Africa!!

The rapper Akon is a committed man. He wants to be at the service of Africa. As a result, the artist made a commitment to invest his money in Africa.

The rapper Akon has been crowding African soil for several years. He loves the African continent and he has a vision of things.

“It was not easy to put in place, but we managed to raise the first billion, we have big projects for Africa, people need electricity, running water and infrastructure. Base, “he said.


According to him, there is much to be done in many parts of the world. “People do not know because they take what they have for granted, they do not necessarily know poverty, and when you have the opportunity to travel and see this misery, you want to find a way to do it Something”. Does he understand.

Akon continued: “I was like this before, but it ‘s not my delirium at all, and as time went by I realized there was so much to do, I began to feel guilty about spreading my wealth before people who are suffering. “

The rapper Akon visited villages by wearing earrings or watches for $ 50,000. “While people were suffering in front of me, I ended up saying that all this was useless.” “When you think about it, it’s just flashy, it’s useless, I decided to use this money to help my neighbor,” he said.


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