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“Akon Lighting Africa”: President Macky Sall Moves To Block Akon’s Electrification Plan In Senegal!! Here’s why….

"Akon Lighting Africa"


Akon Lighting Africa’s electrification plan for Africa would be blocked in Senegal by President Macky Sall, as reported by several local media. We remember that in the four corners of the African continent, this project of the star of R’nB was warmly welcomed. The “Akon Lighting Africa” ​​was welcomed as a great relief by the people of Africa who saw in this initiative, the basis of the industrial development of the continent.

In his remarks, Akon of his real name Alioune Badara Thiam, did not hide his determination to go to the end of this adventurous adventure. While the project is operational in 16 African countries, Senegal, the country of its ancestors, is still lagging behind in its realization on its territory. Asked what would be the cause of Senegal’s delay in achieving “Akon Lighting Africa”, Thione Niang said the reasons for the delay should be sought from the head of state, HE Macky Sall, and his Government. What many observers find curious is that all means are available to carry out this project. Yet, nothing advances.

Thione Niang was speaking on the sidelines of her meeting with the young students of the International University, HEC Business School Dakar, on Monday 11 April. It seems more urgent that a solution be found to electrify Senegal by applying the “Akon Lighting Africa”. For the problem of electrification remains a necessity in the African continent. It is in this perspective that Akon had planned to electrify several million homes in 40 African countries by 2020. The overall cost of the operation is estimated at more than one billion dollars.

Let us hope that the Senegalese authorities reach a common understanding for the happiness of millions of Senegalese.

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