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Akon: “I Started Feeling Guilty About Spreading My Wealth In Front Of People Who……”


Akon in the social and he gives himself thoroughly. The Senegal-American rapper is today one of the most familiar figures in the world of good works. Every day the singer makes a remarkable gesture, today launched in projects for Africa. In an interview, he said he had raised $ 1 billion to finance projects on the continent.


It invests in several sectors, but the most targeted by the artist are electricity, running water and basic infrastructure. For he declares that the time of the exhibition of luxury has passed. He regretted the luxury he showed, while Africans lacked the vital minimum. An awareness that proves to be beneficial for the entire African continent.

“Over time, I realized there was so much to do and a lot of people who needed help. I began to feel guilty about spreading my wealth before people who are suffering. I visited villages carrying earrings or watches for $ 50,000 while people were suffering in front of me. I ended up saying that all this was useless, “he said.


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