AGAIN, Putin Warns US: “Do Not Try To Destabilize Venezuela”  

Russia accused the United States of exerting political pressure on Venezuela and warned that the destabilization of Venezuela would be a threat both to Venezuelan democracy and to all of Latin America.

“We are concerned at the increase in negative trends and the destabilization situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which is united to Russia through close ties of friendship and strategic partnership,” said the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs In a statement.

Russia considers that the current trend “is a threat to the democratic stability of this country and can have very serious consequences on the situation in the Latin American region in general. “


“The aggressive increase in political pressure and threats of sanctions by Washington on Caracas is at odds with the position of many members of the international community who advocate for constructive solutions to Venezuela’s domestic problems,” he said. note.

He also attacked the announcement of the United States that the situation in Venezuela represents “an unusual and extraordinary threat to national security. “

“We confirm our firm solidarity towards the people of Venezuela and its legally elected leaders and our firm condemnation of all kinds of violence and coup d’etat as a method of ousting legitimate Governments of sovereign states,” said the official Russian note.

In addition, Moscow supports the sending to Venezuela of a mission of mediators of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro traveled to Russia last January where he met with Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin to discuss the sharp fall in oil prices that affected the economy of both countries.

Recently, Russia paid tribute to the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, whom she evoked as one of the most brilliant leaders of Latin America and a true friend of Russia.

Source: news.reponserapide


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