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Again, President Kabila Plans to Delay DR Congo Election to June 2019; The 3rd Time Since His Term Expired

Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila is planning to postpone the delayed December 2018 elections to next year, his members of parliament have disclosed.

The lawmakers have questioned the timing of a law that is supposed to come for debate over the allocation of parliamentary seats.

“In DRC, there is supposed to be a law where the allocation of seats in a particular area is supposed to be debated and determined by the whole parliament but instead, Kabila has assigned that task to a parliamentary committee,” one of his lawmakers disclosed.

“This has angered a lot of us from the ruling party but in actual fact, Kabila knows what he is doing. He wants to create confusion in parliament and claim that as long as this matter is not resolved, then we can’t have general elections this year in December.”

One of the lawmakers added that all this was a well planned move by President Kabila especially given that he knew the Congolese parliament goes on recess in June.

“There is a parliamentary holiday from June 15 to September; parliament will close for any form of business ,” said the MP who spoke on condition of anonymity.


“Kabila then wants to bring the proposed bill back to parliament in September where members are supposed to debate it before its implementation. So in short, the electoral plans for the elections will be affected for as long as this matter remains unresolved in parliament.

“Kabila will then tell the whole world that we can’t have elections this year because of that legality.”

The lawmaker said this is just a plan for President Kabila to further buy time and extend his illegal stay. His term expired in December 2016 but President Kabila has already rescheduled the polls two times so far.

“The real reason is for him to push the the elections to June next year because the elections cannot be held until this law is fully debated and a parliamentary resolution made,” he said.

“SADC have been duped and cheated by Kabila that’s why all the presidents that attended the troika meeting in Angola this week have to put an end all the nonsense going on here.”

The MPs warned that if the region does not stop President Kabila, DRC is headed for a fully fledged war.


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