Again, Black Men Falsely Accused Of Robbery In New York

A Brooklyn man Tuesday falsely claimed that he was robbed by two African-American men at Central Park.

The New York Police Department had to arrest a Brooklyn man named Mohammad Shaukat, for falsely claiming that he was robbed by two African-American men at Central Park.

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Shaukat, 22, stated that two Black men took $33,000 in camera equipment from him at W. 106th St. and the West Drive about 12:20 a.m. Tuesday. But a police source reported that “it never happened.”


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At the moment Shaukat is facing charges of making a false written statement. His arrangement has been scheduled for Tuesday morning. He also has one prior sealed arrest.

Shaukat was scheduled for an arraignment


Somehow it turns out that Black men are often accused of crimes and offences they never committed, sometimes they end behind bars with almost no chances for acquittal. Such lies also cost Emmett Till his life.  It must be reasonable to introduce the same level of punishment for making false accusations and send Mr Shaukat to prison as if he was found guilty of robbery. That’s fair – he tried to rob Black men of their freedom!


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