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Aftermath Election Run-off, Liberia’s President-elect George Weah Visits Rival, Joseph Boakai

The new Liberian president, George Weah in an effort to unite the country asked his rival in the second round of the presidential election, to nominate candidates for positions in his government.


The former footballer who won the second round of elections on Dec. 26, visited his opponent and outgoing vice president, Joseph Boakai.

In a publication on his Facebook page, George Weah revealed that he had visited Boakai on New Year’s Day as a sign of solidarity and goodwill, pointing out that the election was over and that Liberia was the real winner.


“I informed him that Liberia is the real winner, and that we must all work in the interest of our country.”

“I also told him that he is a man of impeccable character and experience, and that his expertise will be needed to move our country forward. I also assured him that the courtesy due to him under the law will be granted to him as a statesman and outgoing vice-president. ”

“In the end, I suggested that he suggest people he believes can help us move Liberia forward,” he wrote.

Boakai acknowledged his defeat even before the proclamation of the final results of the poll, explaining that he did so to prevent bloodshed.

“I reject any temptation to impose pain, suffering, agony and uncertainty on our people. My name will not serve as an excuse for a drop of human blood to be shed in this country, “said Boakai.

George Weah has just given a great lesson in democracy to the rest of African leaders.


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