After This Video Went Viral, The SA Officers Were Suspended For Gross Misconduct- Watch

The South African police said the officers from Johannesburg’s Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) had brought the administration into “offensiveness” in the wake of showing “unprofessional attitude’

The video which circulated around the web demonstrated the two formally dressed men having lunch in styrofoam packs by piles of R100 and R200 South African certified receipts in similar packs.

One of them picked a note and wiped his mouth while a lady out of sight, suspected to be the one taping, commented in the Zulu dialect which actually signified: “Meat is being eaten, cash is being eaten”.

Boss Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago said in an announcement on Thursday that the officers were allowed to disclose to the Chief of Police why they ought not be suspended.

He added that they were ordered to hand in their uniforms and identification badges on Wednesday while internal investigations open into the incident.

The South African Police Minister Mbalula Fikile had earlier threatened on Twitter that they will be brought to justice.

RSA Police Minister


Look at THIS shame….. Thugs in our mist, we will not true we eill find them and Bring them to justice……Rule Of Law

lifelover❤ @bongiwemhlalasa
Replying to @NoChill4D @MbalulaFikile

That’s our cash mos, road users. They don’t get paid that much. It’s our cold drink/lunch monies. Kulanto ba basoloko benxaniwe😢

Kante’s right foot @Sir_Menace
Replying to @Three_Mandiks and 2 others

Can you prove that they accepted bribes? A black man can’t get paid on the 25th right?

Lu†​​endo Magoro @LutendoMagoro
Replying to @MbalulaFikile

It could be their pay money, haibo, can’t they have fun at work? Leave them 

AVHA RAMUKOSI @Avha_Ramukosi
Replying to @ocossa70 and 4 others

A they only bribed with R100 n R200 note only?? Anyway this a warders nt fraffic,,even if they were traffic no crime commited here


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