After Serving 26 Years In Prison, Kevin Fisher’s ‘Chance To Live Life’ Came From A Company Hiring Those Who Were Formerly Incarcerated

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A former inmate’s love for a restaurant franchise turned into transforming his life.

The Story Of Kevin Fisher

According to Bloomberg, when Kevin Fisher was to be released from prison in January 2019 after serving 26 years, he knew he wanted his first meal to be from Hot Chicken Takeover — boneless chicken, mac and cheese, and coleslaw.

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But what gravitated him to the restaurant more than anything was what it stands for. During his sentence, the founder Joe DeLoss came to speak to him and fellow inmates about how the company has an equal employment policy that welcomes those who have faced incarceration, drug addiction, or homelessness as employees.

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Fast forward a few years later, Fisher leads at one of the restaurant chain’s locations, Bloomberg reports.

A Life-Changing Opportunity

Initially starting as a dishwasher, the 60-year-old climbed his way to becoming a general manager at Hot Chicken Takeover’s Columbus Crew Stadium location.

“All a person wants when they get out is a chance to live life,” Fisher said, according to the outlet.

“I’ve told Joe before: Hot Chicken Takeover changed my life,” he told Bloomberg. “He always says that ‘You changed your life,’ and it makes me sit back and think, ‘You know, I did.’ But I always can say it’s with the help of Hot Chicken Takeover.”

Support From Hot Chicken Takeover

DeLoss’ intention behind founding Hot Chicken Takeover was to combat the lack of career opportunities that individuals such as Fisher face. With seven locations and three upcoming ones, the outlet notes that “almost 40% of its 172 workers have come out of the justice system.”

What’s more, Hot Chicken Takeover provides referrals to mental health counseling and housing services, emergency cash assistance, and a savings-matching program.

“I just felt a lot more compelled by the impact economic opportunity and mobility could provide along somebody’s journey in life,” DeLoss told the outlet. “I had just really formed a thesis that if you can be a positive, supportive employer to a community of people in need of positive and supportive work opportunities, that you can build a strong, reliable team.”



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