After Seeing How Gummy Candies Are Really Made, You’ll Never Eat Them Again. (Video)

Have you ever had that desire to inhale or eat the entire candy store when you were a child?

As adults, we are all aware of the dangers of such treats, including our waistlines and our longevity. But, every now and then, when a gummy candy appears, we simply can’t resist. Well, the video below might solve your problem, if you have it.

If gummy candies were among your favorite sweet treats as a kid, it may be difficult for you to watch how they’re actually made.In case you didn’t know, gummy candies and all types of jello products are made with gelatin – a gelling agent created by way of animal skin and bones.

However, the knowledge alone may not be enough to keep you away from these types of products. Luckily, a Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens has a way to change that. She has created a horrifying short film that shows in incredible detail the way in which gummy candies are made.


Let’s keep in mind, of course, that there are also some candies that are made with vegan gelatin substitutes, like agar, which is the most popular gelatin substitute that is obtained from algae. So, if the video below isn’t enough to make you forget about gummy candies, then you’ll be glad to know you’ve got options.

Below, you will probably grimace at the very real (and graphic) realization that, in order to enjoy your sweet candy, pig carcasses must be torched and stripped of their skin, and then boiled down in order to create the needed ingredient.

“I got the assignment to direct some reversed audiovisual stories showing the production of some of our food. I saw quite a few slaughter houses and examples of both industrial and artisan food production. A true eye opener,” Kneepkens states on her website regarding the grim yet eye-opening video series. “‘Jelly’ is candy. But only a few people know they’re made of gelatin from the skin of pigs. Sweet?”, she adds.

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