After Sacking His Daughter, President Lourenco Again Sacks Jose Filomeno dos Santos, Son Of Ex President

The Angolan president has sacked the son of former president Dos Santos, José Filomeno Dos Santos, as the head of the country’s sovereign wealth fund.

Jose Filomeno dos Santos sacked from Angola's sovereign fund

The president had recently indicated that there might be changes in the leadership of the $5 billion fund, depending on the results of an external inquiry into its performance and governance.


The president who replaced the entire board of the fund has since appointed one time finance minister Carlos Alberto Lopes as the new boss of the fund.

In November 2017, the president fired Isabel Dos Santos from her position as head of Angola’s state oil company, Sonagol.

The radical reforms of the new president that have seen over 60 government officials fired have raised speculation of strained relations between Lourenco and former president Eduardo Dos Santos.

Both have denied the allegations, with president Lourenco saying the ‘relations are normal’ and Dos Santos leading the ruling The People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) party in backing the reforms.


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