After Royal Decree On Ban, The First Women’s Driving School Will Open Its Doors In Saudi Arabia

Taking note of the Royal Decree to allow women to drive in 2018, a Saudi university has announced that it will open a driving school for them.

A large Saudi university was the first to announce on 1 October its intention to open a driving school for women, while large car manufacturers are also making sweet eyes to potential new customers.

On 26 September, the Saudi authorities, by virtue of a royal decree, decided to lift the prohibition of women from driving – starting in June 2018. Saudi Arabia, an ultraconservative country governed by a rigorous version of Islam, was the only state in the world to impose such a ban.


Princess Nourah University in Riyadh, the country’s largest women’s higher education institution, said in a tweet that it was preparing to establish a driving school in consultation with the authorities concerned.

The international section of the Saudi Ministry of Information noted that this was the first such announcement since the Royal Decree. Princess Nourah University is a public institution with more than 60,000 students in the Saudi capital and other nearby cities.

Car manufacturers rub hands

The kingdom’s historic decision should have a significant economic impact as it should boost women’s employment, as well as car sales, according to experts.

Automakers, like Nissan, Chevrolet and Ford, hastened to congratulate the Saudi women and welcome them to their world, while Saudi Arabia could count millions of new motorists in the coming years.


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