After Reading This You Will Never Bite Your Nails Again

Never get nails bitter after reading this fatal history. It is Closer!

The psychological problems are able to cause certain alterations in the behavior of people, which can lead to cause serious health problems. Biting your nails is a behavior that many of us usually carry out, whether by anxiety, nervousness or pure habit. The story I tell you then you will see clearly and detailed the dangers of nail biting; we assure you that after reading the following, you will never again bite your nails.

The Dangers of Nail Biting: Scary Story

John Gardener is an Englishman of 40 years who for many years suffered from chronic depression and anxiety, conditions which led him to bite her nails.

What started appearing to be just an obsessive nervous behavior, he ended with a chilling outcome. Hopefully the story of John, serve to warn everyone about the lethal dangers of nail biting.

When John was only 10 months old, doctors diagnosed him with diabetes. John needed two doses of insulin a day to maintain a stable life. The diabetes was generating other health problems in the organism of John, among them, serious heart problems.

In 2011, John got his leg amputated due to diabetes ulcers, and it was at this point that John’s psychological problems began to worsen.

John adopted the habit of biting his nails, and every time he did more obsessive and constantly. The Dr. Daniel Vernon warned that because of the obsessive habit, nails John were in very poor conditions, besides its sensitivity in the fingertips was extreme. Such sensitivity made John not even feel pain when he bit his nails, so occasionally he would end up in the hospital because of the severe bleeding that he himself had on his fingers.


Finally, everything ended in the most tragic way. John had not the slightest idea of the dangers of nail biting, and after following with his obsessive habit, nails of this English were infected to the point that it caused a septicemia, which quickly spread throughout his body.

Although John was treated with several antibiotics, these were not effective against terrible infection, so doctors had to amputate the fingers of the English.

Shortly after, when everything seemed to have calmed down, John turned 40 and after his birthday suffered a heart attack that led to his death. The doctors concluded that the heart attack was due to septicemia suffered long ago.

John’s death left everyone in shock, especially his mother, who said:”It really is a very hard blow for the family, could have done more to help himI would not want this to happen to someone else’s child, it’s just devastating.”

John’s story is chilling and deeply regrettable. Beyond this, we hope that we all serve to warn us about the lethal dangers of biting your nails, a habit that if it seems harmless, it can turn out to be fatal for our health.

Share the story of John in all your networks, and warns everyone about the dangers of nail biting.


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