After Prince Harry, The Queen and Prince Charles Hold Emergency Meeting to Discuss Prince Andrew

Welp, looks like there are even more “emergency” crisis talks going on at the Palace—this time because of the Queen’s son Prince Andrew. A few days ago, a top U.S. prosecutor came forward and said that Andrew has not been cooperating in the country’s sex-trafficking investigation against convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, even though Buckingham Palace said he would.

Meanwhile, The Sun reports that Prince Charles and the Queen held an emergency meeting at Sandringham to discuss Andrew. A “royal source” said, “Both had hoped the Duke of York could perhaps be rehabilitated back into public life in time but that is now looking increasingly unlikely.”


While the Associated Press reported that prosecutors and the FBI contacted Andrew’s lawyers and that “Prince Andrew has provided zero cooperation,” apparently he’s taking issue with the claim. According to a source, “The Duke is more than happy to talk to the FBI but he hasn’t been approached by them yet. He is angry about the way this is being portrayed.”

Yeahhh…maybe he should get in touch with them, then? For a full run down of Prince Andrew’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, head this way, and warning: it’s not great.


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