After He Was Released From Prison, You Won’t Believe The First Place Ex-US Footballer, OJ Simpson Went To.

After nine years behind bars, former US footballer OJ Simpson was released.

Conviction for armed robbery in a casino

OJ Simpson spent more than nine years behind bars. He was sentenced to nine years in prison for armed robbery at a casino hotel in Las Vegas in 2007. The story that had nevertheless talked about was his 1995 murder charge on his wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman’s lover. He was later acquitted.



Imprisoned at Lovelock Prison, Nevada, OJ Simpson went out around midnight. According to the People press, he went to a brothel just after he was released from prison.

Friend of the owner

According to Denis Hof, the owner of the brothel called the Bunny Ranch, a longtime friend of Simpson, would come to see him for the organization of a sexy evening for him. Moreover, Simpson would have asked to be with a woman Tiara Kae who otherwise resembles the deceased wife of OJ Simpson.

The release of Simpson is far from delighting everyone. Indeed, a large part of public opinion holds him responsible for the death of Nicole Brown. Among the malcontents, we can cite the witnesses of the case divided between discontent and horror. To these are added people like Kris Jenner, who was the best friend of  Nicole Brown …

Job offer

While OJ Simpson is about to celebrate his release with his children, the owner of the brothel would have offered him a job. Indeed, the conditions of release of a prisoner on parole is to have a place to live and a job. Simpson has not yet replied to this offer.


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