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After Guinea and Senegal, Pan-Africanist Activist Kemi Seba Banned from Entering Togo

The pan-Africanist activist Kémi Séba was banned from entering Togolese territory, where he planned to host a rally organized by a group of artists opposed to the country’s president, Faure Gnassingbé.

Expected in Togo on August 8 to lead a “meeting against France-Africa”, Kémi Séba was sent back to Benin. “They [the Togolese authorities] have just sent me back to Benin They are afraid of the influence of my speech to Togolese youth. They say that I create problems for all presidents in Africa. I was banned on the grounds that I am a dangerous person for public order, “he told Senego’s Senegalese news website .

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The event in question was organized by the Movement of Artists Committed to Togo (MAET), a group fiercely opposed to President Faure Gnassingbe. The anti-francist CFA activist had repeatedly criticized the Togolese president and his governance policy.


“You think we can do something with that [President Faure Gnassingbe]?” He had launched in front of a crowd at his side, during the Paris protest against the slavery of migrants in Libya on 18 November. 2017.

Engaged in an active campaign against the CFA franc , Kémi Séba is banned from entering several African countries. After Senegal, where he was expelled in September 2017 for publicly burning a ticket of 5,000 CFA francs , he was expelled  from Guinea on March 2, 2018, where he was scheduled to attend a conference.

In an interview with RT France in September 2017, he denounced the maintenance of this currency as “a form of colonialism.” 


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