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After Google; Intel, Qualcomm, and Broadcom Stop Working with Huawei

This is a huge turning point in the already very violent conflict that has pitted the United States against Huawei for months  .

After Google has distanced itself from Huawei, some companies like Intel, Qualcomm have also joined the dance, that is to say: to cut the bridges with Huawei.

After Google Intel Qualcomm and Broadcom Stop Working with Huawei | How Africa News


At this point, Huawei is touched in the heart because these decisions jostle the supply chain when it prepares the 5G. The blow is nevertheless tough for Huawei, which spends $ 11 billion every year on the purchase of US components. This decision could penalize the group in the deployment of its 5Ginfrastructure in many countries, as well as in the launch of upcoming smartphones.

Google, meanwhile, will deprive the Chinese group of Android, the operating system that “rotate” all its mobile phones and the three US giants semiconductors will stop until further notice to sell their chips to Huawei , which aspires to be the world’s leading smartphone maker. Huawei could lose 180,000 employees and $ 100 billion in revenue.

There is still a bit of hope about semiconductors. Far from being confined to smartphones and network equipment, Huawei has also invested in the semiconductor market and has even set up a fully dedicated subsidiary:  HiSilicon is here.

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