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After France’s Emmanuel Macron Controversial Comment on African Women, Here Is The Viral Response Of A Burkinabé To Him!!

My mother had a total of nine children, eight of whom are still alive. She and my father did not do a class day in a school that was neither French, nor Catholic, nor Koranic, much less evangelical. My parents today are 78 and 76 years old respectively. They could be your grandparents. They never worked in a public administration. The French system imported from you never planned their places. My father stopped working with less than 30,000 CFA as a monthly income and my mother never had a pay slip. Today, thanks to their efforts, those of the big family and the whole COMMUNITY, the 8 children include 1 engineer, 1 nurse, 1 technician, 1 administrator, 1 cultural administrator, 2 communicators and 1 journalist . All participate as best they can in the construction of our country Burkina Faso. I pass over in silence the fact that they easily manipulate the language of your ancestors and thus extend your culture and the influence of your country. They pay taxes that allow our president to come and listen to your nonsense in Europe from time to time, they use and circulate your CFA franc that you print and distribute as you wish from La Chamalières? At home in France there.

My brothers and I have trained many other Burkinabè who work for the stability, comfort and prestige of your country: some of them work in your trade and construction companies here and bail out your coffers there, others cultivate Cotton that you come to take for the fashion of your fellow citizens, etc … There is in the same way that you brought to your home in France because you found us unworthy of their knowledge. Perhaps I should add that none of my brothers and I, none of those we have trained, have ever failed to respect you or your fellow citizens who feel at home even if it is always the cross and The banner when we try to visit you. As for my parents, they can not even pronounce your name since they do not know that after your grandfather POMPIDOU, there was still a leader in your country.


What I have just told you is so banal in Africa in general and in Burkina Faso in particular that I never thought that one day it would be necessary to remind one of you, who is moreover the President. But as you seem to want to take the hat of our underdevelopment to our mothers and before them to our grandmothers, it seems to me today indispensable to tell you why my mother had 9 children and not 2 or 3 like yours . When your ancestors Voulet and Chanoine forcibly took over the lands of our ancestors, they defeated many among ours. Then with your forced labor, other valid arms have fallen again.

Then there were your two stupid wars that you described as global and still come to draw thousands of children from us to help you. And if I add the dirty diseases that you have transposed to us and decimated the children, you could perhaps understand why the African mother had as many children as possible to hope to keep the minimum? 1 for the Voulet column, 1 for forced labor, 2 for your wars, 2 for diphtheria, smallpox, tuberculosis or pertussis, and here we are, our respective mothers are equal.
You see, it is not so complicated to understand that if you EUROPEAN people promise us to stick to peace, if you promise us to take care of your onions now, the “problem of many children” that hinders development will be A subject to the council of sages under the great baobab of my village because the delivery is so difficult that I do not know a single African woman who wants to take the risk of 10 round trip between life and death. I hope it’s clear now.

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