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After Beyonce, Shakira Reveals Her Incredible Love At First Sight For Gerard Piqué!!

Lebanese-Colombian singer

In his last title “Me Enamore”, Shakira confides the details of his meeting with Gerard Piqué.

“My life began to change the night I met you,” Shakira sings in his latest song “Me Enamore”. The Lebanese-Colombian singer declares her flame to her husband and father of her two children Gerard Piqué for the first time in a song. Beyond telling her all her love, Shakira recalls in this title their encounter and how much despite circumstances little glamorous, she had a thunderbolt for the footballer.

“I had very little to lose”

Shakira and Gerard Piqué met away from the elegant red carpet of Hollywood. The singer, barely dressed in a striped bra and badly capped, as she describes in her song, was embarrassed by her appearance. But little by little, the charm has operated: “I had very little to lose,” she confesses before explaining that she was reluctant to the difference in age that separates them. Shakira is ten years older than the sportsman. “I said to myself,” He’s still a boy, but what can I do? »». Whatever, the pretty blonde let herself go. Dances glued-tight, chain of mojitos and glances of glare … Since that famous night, Gérard Piqué and Shakira have never left each other.

“A wonderful father”

Alongside his partner, footballer Gerard Piqué, and their two sons Milan and Sasha, Shakira leads a fulfilling life. In spite of the distance between them – Gerard Piqué plays in Barcelona and can not often see his family – Shakira confided last spring to being mad with happiness by his side: “It’s like being married to a soldier, except That he will not die in battle, “she said humorously to the magazine” Hello “. If the 29-year-old footballer is not often there, he is no less attentive: “Since the birth of children, it reveals a soft side. It is he who changes the layers and it is there, for them as for me, “she continues with tenderness. Her Colombian singer calls Gerard Piqué “a marvelous father. ”

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