After A Beach Weekend With Mom, Malia Obama Also Spends Charming Weekend With Boyfriend In New York

The eldest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama, Malia, was seen this weekend in charming company on the streets of New York, USA.

Laughing throats, complicit smiles, bickering, discreet hugs, tender looks … it looks like there is love in the air. In a series of photographs unveiled by the Daily Mail this Sunday, January 21, we discover the daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama, Malia, alongside his new boyfriend, Rory Garguharson, met at the prestigious Harvard University. It was during a walk to two that the young couple was surprised this weekend in the streets of New York (in Soho, more exactly); she, with her flowery dress and her big black parka, him with her turquoise blue down jacket.

Rory, aged 19 – like Malia Obama – is none other than the son of Charles Farquharson, managing director of the London-based investment fund Insight Investment). The two students were filmed kissing in public during a football game between their University (Harvard, so), that of Yale, last September.


Surprise guest of a charity event of the Beau Biden Foundation last September, the former US president had let some confidences about the day he left his eldest daughter Malia to enter the university. “For those of you who have girls, it happens quickly,” he explained. “I dropped Malia at the university, and I told Joe and Jill (Biden) that it was a bit like an open heart surgery. And to conclude: “I was proud not to have cried in front of her. But on the way home, Secret Service members looked straight ahead, pretending not to hear me sniffing and blowing. It was rough. Yes, children grow fast.


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