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After 8 Months In Coma And Stroke: Cameroonian Legend, Rigobert Song Reveals How He Escaped Death!!

Rigobert Song is back and is recovering gradually following a cardiac vascular accident (stroke) that shook him last October. The emblematic captain of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon was invited to the 5th edition of the African Football Night in Ouagadougou on Saturday, June 17th. On the margins of the event, Rigobert Song gave an interview to the African Press Agency (APA), in which he pronounced on this evil that almost cost him his life.


According to APA, the Gala stadium stadium Joseph Issouffou Conombo in Ouagadougou, opening the 5th edition of the Night of African Football in Ouagadougou, on Saturday, June 17th, pitted a local selection of former internationals Burkinabè to the ex-legends of African football. This event was especially marked by the “standing ovation” granted to Rigobert Song during his appearance.


Following the match, Captain Song came back on the evil that shook him 8 months ago. According to him, who confided in APA, he was just fortunate to escape death. He thought his case would be exceptional. According to the journalist who interviewed him, Rigobert Song was childish and did not show any sequel other than slimming.

“My doctor tells me every time that my exceptional case. According to the doctor, out of 40 similar cases, 30 deaths and the remaining 10 bear the sequelae of the disease. What makes me a miracle my brother, “Song said.

“My luck is that I did not close the door of the house. If I had closed it, brother, we would not be there talking. Waiting for a visitor, ” I had not locked the door. If my door had been closed, it was over for me, “said Captain Song.

Rigobert Song believes he has come a long way. Today he wants to help the victims of a stroke in Cameroon or in Africa, because according to him: “I know what it is”. He concluded by reiterating his thanks to all those who by their prayers allowed him to regain health.


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