Afrocentric Prints are Trending for Prom 2016

Last year, Kymeah Mcentyre broke the internet when a photo of her clad in a gorgeous gown she designed went viral. The dress was crafted from fabric decorated with an elaborate print reminiscent something you might find on a dashiki. Kymeah’s look was definitely one of our faves last year and it seems as if they young Mcentrye may have inspired a prom trend for 2016.

17-year-old Mayalaya Zanders of Garfield Heights High School in Cleveland, Ohio saw her own gorgeous ankara-print dress go viral last week, after she posted an image of the impressive gown, noting that her teacher had said African prints were “tacky” for prom. Pretty sure she proved that teacher wrong.

And Zanders isn’t the only one showing the world just how chic Afrocentric prints are when it comes to formal wear. Teens across America are slaying prom in their own colorful, elaborate printed dresses, bringing to life the rich, diverse history behind the prints thatspans multiple cultures from all over the world, connecting African sensibilities with western silhouettes. It’s a friendly reminder that when cultures mix in a respectful and harmonious way, the results are simply gorgeous.

Below are some of our favorite looks:

<p>(Photo: <a href="">@africangirlskillingit</a>)</p>

The mermaid skirt and structured corset are giving us serious queen vibes. (Photo: @africangirlskillingit)

<p><i>(Photo: <a href=""></a>)</i></p>

This young lady looked ever the belle of the prom with her sky-high hair and brightly-printed gown.  (Photo:

<p>(Photo: <a href="">@laviebyck</a>)</p>

When dashikis and fairy tales collide, you get this gorgeousness! (Photo: @laviebyck)


<p>(Photo: <a href="">@tcooper6</a>)</p>

The print, the headdress, the elaborate arm band – she knows she slayed prom!(Photo: @tcooper6)

<p><i>(Photo: @<a href="">y.eney</a>)</i></p>

Cool hair, cool, dress, dope accessories – this girl nailed her prom look! (Photo: @y.eney)

<p>(Photo: <a href="">@prom__2k16</a>)</p>

Kente-klad and killing it! (Photo: @prom__2k16)

<p>(Photo: <a href="">@africangirlskillingit</a>)</p>

The high neckline on this piece let this young lady show off her shapely shoulders! (Photo: @africangirlskillingit)

<p>(Photo: <a href="">@africangirlskillingit</a>)</p>

Shoutout to this guy for matching his beautiful date with utmost perfection and swag. (Photo: @africangirlskillingit)



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