AFRICOM Collaborates With African Countries To Fight Extremism


Marine Corps General Thomas D Waldhauser on Tuesday spoke to the US House Armed Services Committee about the investigation into the incident in Niger in October that claimed the lives of four Army Special Forces troops. He said he has completed his review of the investigation and it is with US Defence Secretary James Mattis.

“Once the secretary completes his review and the families have been briefed, I intend to provide a comprehensive and detailed account of the investigation to you as soon as possible,” Waldhauser told the committee.


AFRICOM is adjusting its strategy on the continent to comply with Mattis’ direction, stemming from the National Defense Strategy. The command partners with nations to strengthen security forces to counter transnational threats. It also stands ready to respond to crises on the continent and to promote regional stability, security and prosperity.

“Very few – if any – of the challenges on the continent can be resolved through the use of military force,” Waldhauser told the committee. “AFRICOM’s first strategic tenet stresses the military activities are designed to support and enable US diplomatic and development efforts.”

The command aims to give national leaders the time and space they need to establish firm governance, he said, which will give the nations the stability to grow their economies.


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