Africa’s Top 20 Most Connected Countries

According to, the population within South Africa sits at just over 53 million individuals. To add to the figures, Nigeria currently has over 183 million individuals populating its city’s.

Africa has always been viewed as a continent that isn’t very connected in terms of internet speeds and the number of users – compared to other parts of the world. However, the latest statistics say otherwise.

Africa is essentially booming when it comes to becoming a connected continent, statistics revealed show just how many Africans are currently connected to the internet. In order to showcase these figures, IT News Africa has compiled a list of the Africa’s Top 20 of most connected countries by users numbers.


1. Nigeria: 67,101,452
2. Egypt: 40,311,562
3. South Africa: 24,909,854
4. Morocco: 20,207,154
5. Kenya: 16,713,319
6. Sudan: 9,307,189
7. Tanzania: 7,590,794
8. Algeria: 6,669,927
9. Uganda: 6,523,949
10. Ghana: 5,171,993
11. Tunisia: 5,053,704
12. Angola: 4,286,821
13. Senegal: 3,194,190
14. Zimbabwe: 2,852,757
15. Zambia: 2,313,013
16. Ethiopia: 1,636,099
17. Cameroon: 1,486,815
18. Mozambique: 1,467,687
19. Libya: 1,362,604
20. Rwanda: 1,110,043


Source: itnewsafrica


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