Africa’s Top 20 Mobile Connectivity Ranked – See what position your country stands…

The World Association of Telecom Operators (GSMA) published a few months ago the ranking of African countries in terms of mobile connectivity. This ranking measures the ability of about 150 countries to connect its citizens to the mobile internet, according to a score ranging from 0 to 100.

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Content of the ranking

This classification takes into account the following criteria: infrastructure (mobile Internet access facilities), prices (mobile devices and packages), the degree of predisposition of unconnected citizens to initiate the use of mobile Internet, (skills, cultural and political environment, etc.), as well as the content (availability of services to meet the needs of a local population).


Worldwide, Australia, Norway and New Zealand are at the top of the ranking with scores above 85/100. In terms of ICT integration in economic and social development, Africa collects 2.9 on a 7-point scale.


Rating summary

  1. Mauritius (76th in the world)
  2. South Africa (84th)
  3. Tunisia (89th)
  4. Morocco (95th)
  5. Egypt (96th)
  6. Algeria (99th)
  7. Botswana (102nd)
  8. Namibia (103rd)
  9. Ghana (105th)
  10. Angola (109th)
  11. 11.Gabon (113th)
  12. Swaziland (115th)
  13. Nigeria (116th)
  14. Kenya (117th)
  15. Lesotho (119th)
  16. Sudan (120th)
  17. Ethiopia (121st)
  18. Zimbabwe (123th)
  19. Cameroon (124th)
  20. Congo (126th)


Ranking Comments

This low use of ICT can be explained by: a  severe lack and often the lack of infrastructures favoring connectivity. In addition, prices are difficult to afford for African populations. Secondly, the large number of citizens who are not connected and who are not predisposed to being naturally create a lack of adapted content.

Also according to the World Economic Forum, is the use of ICTs by African countries better than in 2012? Thus, state leaders must just multiply investments to improve their access to more people.


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